Western Digital’s expandable storage card for Xbox Series S/X costs less than Seagate

Convenient and cheap?

Uninstalling and reinstalling games to make room for new ones is a thorn in the side of gamers, something most gaming aficionados will, hands down, agree with. So either you burn a hole in your wallet to buy that desirable card or use an external hard drive that of course doesn’t offer the ease of quick access. However, now there is a third option too: Western Digital’s new Xbox expandable storage card that’s cheaper than Seagate’s offering.

Priced at $179.99 (₹14,834), the Western Digital 1TB expansion card is for Xbox Series S and X consoles. At present, Seagate has the proprietary storage for Xbox Series X and S consoles that costs ₹20,456 for 1TB. The brand has not revealed more information about the product yet but with cheaper storage cards we can expect the prices for storage options to go in the right direction, well hopefully.