Stuff is the best selling gadget magazine in the world, and is the digital side of it.
Can we call ourselves the best gadget magazine ever? Hell yes. Should you believe us? Only if you want to stay updated with the latest gadgets, games, gizmos, and everything in between.
We have a monthly magazine (which you should totally subscribe to) and this handsome-looking website here. You’ll find reviews and the latest news on smartphones, tablets, laptops, games and pretty much anything that is smart. We don’t spare cars either. Oh and furniture, fitness and sneakers as well… but only sometimes.
But wait, what are you doing on this page? Are you looking for the folks that make Stuff (India) or do you want to splurge some money on said folks and pamper them with advertisements? Then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put all the information down here.
Who makes Stuff (India)?
Editor | Nishant Padhiar (
Deputy Editor | Kaizad Billimoria (
Reviews Editor | Khumail Thakur (
Correspondent | Vidita Chandra ( )
Staff Writer | Lianne Dhalla ( )
I want to advertise…
National Head - Sales | Amit Jha (
Manager - Brand Partnerships | Aditya Sharma (
How do we make money? We run ads in our magazine and website. We know! You guys hate ads and Netflix’s success is a great study on that topic. Oh, by the way, we also list out shows and movies to watch weekly/month on all streaming platforms.
Okay, coming back to the topic. We run ads, promoted and sponsored posts. What are those you ask? Promoted posts infuse the iconic Stuff style of writing into articles and stories that are advertised by the clearly marked sponsor. These ARE advertisements but still a fun read.
Sponsored posts are possible under commercial sponsorship but are written and signed off by the editorial team. The content is still under editorial control with a clearly marked sponsor. There may be links to products of the sponsor brand within the article.
How do I subscribe to the magazine?
You can head over to this link to our publisher’s website and order your copy.
Is there a digital version of the magazine?
Absolutely. We’re uploading all our magazines on the Magzter platform. Here’s the link. I have a question for Stuff Sure, you can head to our Contact Us page.