Diwali Gift Guide 2023: 12 gifts for the Gaming Geek

Get set game!

Diwali isn't complete without a dash of gaming, but we're not talking about your run-of-the-mill Uno or charades. These are the kind of games made for those who only emerge from their bedroom when the scent of food beckons.

1)Asus Rog Ally

Give us one and we will give you a lifetime of free Stuff magazine subscription (I hope my boss doesn’t read this). But hear us out,this is genuinely the most lust-worthy product on our test bench this year. The Ally is, in equal measure, a fantastic handheld gaming PC and an aspirational device. It’s powerful, lightweight and ergonomic. Although the battery life is the only drawback, it’s to be expected from a device that is trying to put fancy PC games on your palms. It’s also more powerful than the Steam Deck in performance and visual quality. If you know someone looking to play PC games on the go, the Asus ROG Ally is the best place to do so.

Rs69,990 / flipkart.com

2)Elgato Stream Deck +

Elgato really crammed every possible input for your digits here. Whether you like poking, caressing or twisting, there’s a way to make your fantasties useful for production, streaming or simply content creation. Thie Stream Deck+ not only works with game streaming apps like OBSandTwitchbutitcanalsobeusedfor editing, podcasting and production. Every knob and input is remappable, yay! Rs18,499 / amazon.in

3) Blue Yeti USB Microphone

You can’t go wrong with this one. It’s the fastest way to make your voice heard in the best possible quality. The Yeti has stood the test of time so grab this to make a gamer’s voice chats a bit tolerable, even if they scream alot. Rs10,994 / amazon.in

4) Kingston Fury Renegade

The Kingston has a very good advan- tage over the competition with its TBW rating. It’s endurance rating is extremely high and lets you read and write this drive many times, making it great for Xbox Game Pass PC users.

Rs9961 / amazon.in

5) Benq Zowie EC-CW

The sheer importance of a wireless mouse for eSports enthusiasts is beyond description. If you are one, we bet you’d definitely be nodding at this moment. This dinky thing reduces the fatigue of the flexor carpi ulnaris muscle (FCU), basically, your wrist when you’re going all out with those fast clicks and it’s packing some serious wireless tech for low latency and improved accuracy. Rs14,990 / amazon.in

6) Dualsense Charging Station

Don’t have the patience to put the controller down and touch grass? Well, you won’t need to if your controllers are always charged and the DualSense chews through battery quickly so get one of these and charge two of ‘em. Rs2398 / amazon.in

7) XBOX Elite Series 2 Core

This is only slightly less ‘elite’ than the Elite pad: it has the same adjustable thumbsticks, short hair-trigger locks and rubberised grip, but doesn’t come with all the extras you get with the pricier one. It’ll work with PC, mobile and Xbox. Rs12,490 / amazon.in

8) Nanoleaf 4D Screen Mirror + Lightstrip Kit

This strip of LEDs attaches to the back of your TV and changes colour in response to what’s going on in the game you’re playing. Note that you can buy the camera kit separately as well. from Rs9999 / nanoleaf.me

9) Videogame Atlas

Part guidebook, part monograph, this 288-pager includes over 200 illustrations of worlds from 12 popular games.It looks at them through an architectural lens, examining how these digital landscapes work. Nerd heaven. Rs3557 / amazon.in

10) Sony Inzone H9

Fun sound, feature-rich and full of immersion, these bring quality audio to the PC gaming space. The Sony Inzone H9 doesn’t tread the same line as other gaming headsets. These offer ANC and other important titbits that complete the overall package. So if you know someone whose PC makes more noise than an aircraft, maybe these will drown out their toaster with RGB fans.

Rs 21,999 / amazon.in

11) Hori Split Pad Compact

An upgrade on the Joy-Cons that come with the Switch, the Split Pad Compact adds larger controls to either side to make it more comfortable on the go. You also get assignable triggers on the back and a Turbo Hold mode. Rs5499 / mx2games.com

12) Razer Leviathan V2

Most soundbarsare designed to blend in. That means discreet designs that don’t catch the eye, but in a PC gaming setup you’ve got to fit in with all the customisable RGB lights – and that’s what Razer’s Leviathan V2 does. It comes with a subwoofer.

Rs26,999 / amazon.in