Ducati Corse rides on Lenovo tech in their MotoGP title race

Tech racing

Motorsport is one of the most tech-intense industries, and rapid transformations are key to winning championships. Ducati Corse and Lenovo are celebrating a partnership that started in 2018 when Ducati realised the need to incorporate cutting-edge tech into their machines.

Over the past six years, the sport has evolved in leaps and bounds, thanks to technological advancements that have enabled bikes and riders to scale new heights. It was Lenovo’s technology and strategic support that enabled Ducati Corse to set the pace for innovation in the sport.

Back in 2018, Ducati Corse realised that it was no longer enough to build the most powerful engine or to select the most talented riders. Technology was now a decisive asset for the success of a team. The search for an industry-leading technology partner ended in Lenovo. Since then, Ducati Corse has been relying on Lenovo as its Technology Partner, leveraging the company’s PCs, tablets, servers and HPC solutions both on the track and in its headquarters. Another collaboration was forged with Lenovo’s experts in the R&D field, aiming to accelerate the team’s progress and achieve better performance. Ducati has been able to set the pace for innovation in MotoGP through remarkable tech advancement.

The beginning of the 2021 racing season saw the two brands establishing the new “Ducati Lenovo Team”, making Lenovo the title partner of the Ducati Corse team in MotoGP. The 2022 MotoGP saw Ducati ending the season with the Riders’ World Championship, the Constructors’ World Championship, and the Teams’ World Championship in their bag. 

One of the main projects that led Ducati’s digital transformation was the adoption of the HPC (High-Performance Computing) cluster based on Lenovo’s ThinkSystem servers, which allowed Ducati to modernise and expand the company’s hardware equipment, significantly increasing the computing power available to the engineers and improving the reliability of the simulation system. Ducati has also leveraged the ThinkSystem SE350 edge servers to boost connectivity and advanced real-time analytics. The team is extensively making use of Lenovo’s tablets, PCs, and workstations.