Google updates Android Auto, Google built-in with new apps

When parked cars come alive!

Whoever said driving is fun, take a look at what Google has laid out for you. Now a parked car is going to be more fun, or productive if you choose so, with Google adding more apps to its Android Auto and Google built-in mobility suites.

For a start, the company is rolling out WebEx and Zoom on both platforms with audio-only capability. Of course, you can continue driving while being productive in team meetings. You can now quickly join scheduled meetings and conference calls from your car display without groping for your phone. Well, the fun part is just around the corner too, but this requires you to park the car safely. For cars with Google built-in, you can now download video apps like Prime Video from Google Play. The app is now available on select Renault, Polestar and Volvo Cars, and other brands will follow soon. If you are the nerdy type who doesn’t care much about OTT shows, you can safely browse the internet with Vivaldi browser coming to Google Play. 

That’s all fine, but what have they done to improve road safety? Well, the additions don’t stop there. Weather Channel app, the popular and understandably the most accurate weather app in the world, makes its debut on Google Play, ready to provide accurate weather forecasts. Google is also extending support for digital car key outside Europe.