iOS 16: Top 10 features

Beta, this is real now

As of today, iOS16 has entered your iPhone (who else is hyped for this one!). With this step forward Apple is set to bring the new software version to iPhone 8 models and newer. Here are our picks of the top 10 features on the Apple iOS16.


Finally understanding the needs of this generation, this software update will bring with it the ability to edit and unsend messages. Announcing that “Embarrassing typos are a thing of the past”, you can now edit sent messages if you notice a blunder. A tiny ‘edited’ appears in the status just under the sent message.

Next, and most importantly, you can immediately recall a sent message (to avoid the stress and risk of sending the wrong message to the wrong person). You can use the Undo Send tool to prevent it from being read and hopefully avoid awkward interactions. You can now also mark messages as unread, to remind you to get back to them, instead of those “I thought I responded” excuses.

Lock screen

Expect changes on the first thing you see while using your phone. You can now press and hold to edit your lock screen. With multiple layers, you can artistically design your screen as you wish with emoji, photos and various fonts.

You can also add Apple Watch-inspired widgets to the lock screen which give you instant information at a glance. From upcoming calendar events, the weather, battery levels, alarms, time zones, and Activity ring progress, it is one easy place to keep track of it all.

Notifications and live activities

After putting in all that effort, you thankfully don’t have to worry about notifications covering up your entire screen. The notifications now appear like a vertical carousel, making it more aesthetic and functional.

There’s also a new feature called Live Activities that gives you a constant spew of real-time information without harassing you with endless identical notification alerts. Keeping track of things like real-time sports game alerts, workouts, ride-share, or food delivery orders


The Focus mode is now integrated into the lock screen wallpaper. You can now link your lock screen wallpaper with a particular Focus and when you swipe to the lock screen wallpaper your apps and focus settings will kick in. 

For example, you can have a weather wallpaper on the lock screen with a connection to your workout focus and have only your workout apps and music widgets enabled. You choose your focus depending on your activity. This even works with apps like Calendar, Mail, Messages, and Safari that will show information according to the focus set.


The Maps too will get several updates. You'll now be able to plan trips with up to 15 different stops up to the destination. You can also share routes and maps across devices seamlessly. It has also added a feature to show estimates of transit fares to your destination from within apple maps. Although most of the magic from Apple Maps remains out of our reach because it’s not available in India. Back to Google Maps then, eh?

Skip CAPTCHAs using Private Access Tokens

“I’m not a Robot”... no more. With iOS 16, Apple plans to start replacing these awkward CAPTCHA interactions with Private Access Tokens. Apple has demonstrated on its website that some websites supporting the token will essentially log in and authenticate that you are most definitely a human without your having to play any of the usual CAPTCHA games

Visual Lookup's tap and drag for photos

Not only does Visual Look Up analyze your photos but can identify objects like plants, landmarks and pets, iOS 16 takes this to the next level. When you touch a photo's subject like the cat in the image, you can lift it away from the background and add it to apps like Messages. It is basically a tap-and-hold tool that removes a photo's background.

iCloud family checklist

When it comes to iCloud updates, you can now quickly set up a new device for your child. When the Quick Start appears, you now have the option to pick a user for the new device and use all the existing parental controls you've previously selected and configured. Although, this is not what many of us asked for: the ability to set up separate users for the same device.

Safety Check aims to help people in abusive relationships

Apple’s latest feature, Safety Check is specifically intended to help people in abusive relationships. It allows you to control, review and reset who has access to location information as well as passwords, messages and other apps on an iPhone.

SharePlay comes to Messages

The SharePlay has been improved upon significantly. You can watch TV shows, and listen to music in sync. iOS 16 adds the ability to discover more apps that support SharePlay while using FaceTime. Best of all, Apple has created a way for SharePlay to work within the Messages app. Those LDR (that’s short for long-distance relationships, dear boomer) have been made much easier with the ability to share movies on Disney Plus by starting SharePlay and watching together.