Pantheone-I is a mix of art, form and sound

If music is the food of love, this device is a Michelin-starred chef

Ah, the joys of being wealthy come in plenty, imagine sipping your finest scotch while listening to Ella Fitzgerald’s Mack the Knife on a speaker that costs far more than the amount you would pay for rent for a sea-view three BHK in Mumbai’s Worli. Let’s come to the point, we bring you the Pantheone-I speaker, at ₹4,16,000, it not just plays music but also sits as an exquisite piece of art in your humble abode.

The speaker features two built-in woofers connected by a long-throw voice coil with very high excursion capability. Two subwoofers are housed in a bass reflex chamber with curved port tubes and placed in a diametrically opposed configuration in order to cancel mechanical vibrations and enhance the listening experience. The cabinet's symmetrical design enhances the speaker's acoustic wave technology helping fill the room with 360 degree sound with two tweeters and a range driver on each side.

It has multiple control points so functionality can be accessed via touch buttons housed in a control panel on the top of the speaker and can be linked with the Pantheone App (where you can also link up to eight Pantheone speakers, creating a multi room sound system that can be controlled via a single application). And, it is also said to be the largest and most powerful Alexa-compatible speaker on the market.

The speaker is defined in smooth black resin with matt black acoustic cloth as well as in pure white resin with ash white acoustic cloth. So if you want to get your hands on this bad boy, you better be prepared to break open that piggy bank and if you just fancy a look at it get your pass for the upcoming What Hi-Fi Show in May and stay tuned for more details.