Six absolute must-have accessories for your concert experience

Ready to rock out at your next concert?

’Tis the season of celebrations — light, sound and energy – in short concerts. And you know what makes these gigs even more awesome? Having the appropriate gadgets by your side! So, we've put together a list of must-have gadgets for your next music concert. Oh, and we (def) didn't stop there — we've also got the scoop on upcoming concerts you shouldn't miss.

1) Samsung Galaxy S23Ultra

Well, what's the point of doing anything in life if you can't really flex it on Insta, right? So to ensure you have real and clear memories you gotta have a smartphone that comes with crazy zoom. Here, we recommend Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra to get closer to subjects without losing detail. Its 10x optical zoom is quite a game changer, you can read more about it in our full review here. Pixel 7 Pro is also quite good with its 48MP 5x periscope zoom lens, read here.

2) Inbase Club

Next is (of course) a power bank because you don't want to have a phone with phenomenal photo skills but no power! Our recommendation? Grab a handy power bank that's easy to carry around. Check out Inbase's travel-friendly 1000mAh power banks – they're portable and compact, making life easier. The Inbase Club is a 4-in-1 power bank equipped with four built-in USB cables (USB-A, USB-C, Micro USB, and Lightning). So you can also lend some juice as the power bank can charge up to four different devices simultaneously with up to 12 Watts of total power.

3) Hohem iSteady V2S

This one is for photo enthusiasts! A gimbal can elevate your photography game to another level, especially in crowded environments where framing is a challenge. The Hohem iSteady V2S is a 3-axis smartphone gimbal and comes with features like AI-powered Smart Tracking, gesture control and an inbuilt fill light for those well-lit moments. And the best part? It's compact and foldable, small enough to fit right into your pocket.

4) Rayban Meta 2

This one is our personal fav! No pointing, no setting frame and no fuss at all, just pure delight. The latest RayBan Meta 2 comes with an Ultra-Wide 12 MP camera so you can shoot 1080p videos and share just by a “send a photo” voice command. Its camera can shoot under-60-second footage, letting you capture short clips too. And the best part – you can also live stream your POV on Instagram and Facebook directly from the glasses.

5) AirTag

The importance of AirTag is already well established and we recommend it so that you don't lose your precious belongings in a sea of people. There is also JioTag now BTW. The tracking device is essentially an alternative to Apple’s AirTag. Just attach it to your stuff (but of course your heart) and you can track ‘em all via the smartphone.

6) Burner Phone

Lastly, if your only motive for going to a concert is to have some fun, just carry a burner phone and enjoy! No fuss no muss!

A look at upcoming concerts

1) Magnetic Fields Festival 2023 | Dec 15 - 17 | Rajasthan, India

2) Bandland feat. Deep Purple, Goo Goo Dolls | Dec 16 - 17 | Bengaluru, India

3) SunBurn 2023 | Dec 28-31 | Vagator, Goa

4) Lollapalooza India 2024 | Jan 27-28 | Mumbai, India

5) VH1 supersonic | Feb 16 -18 | Pune, India

6) Ed Sheeran Tour | March 16 | Mumbai, India