WWDC 2023: What to expect?

Anticipation soaring higher than an iPhone dropped from the stratosphere?

Apple’s WWDC 2023 is right around the corner and history tells us Apple offers a glimpse of new devices, wearables and latest OSs during the annual extravaganza. So cue the fanfare as Tim Cook takes the stage and unleashes a techno-menagerie of wild surprises on June 5, 2023. Oh and we shall be covering it live from the on-ground event exclusively for you, our dear readers!

But before the curtains rise and the spotlight shines on the latest by Apple, grab a bag of iPopcorn, sink into the plush cushions of your iCouch, and go through the list of things we expect to see in this year’s developers conference.

1) VR/AR Headset

Apple has been teasing the techies with its AR/VR headset for quite some time now. However, this year we are more hopeful than ever to get a look at its long-rumoured mixed reality headset (possibly called Reality Pro). Whispers in the tech world suggest that this immersive device might boast 4K resolution per eye, accompanied by a collection of no less than six cameras. These cameras are said to provide a window to the outside world, while also enabling full body motion tracking. The headset could be powered by Apple's mighty M2 chip and run on a brand-new platform (possibly called xrOS) tailored specifically for mixed reality experiences. Instead of relying on traditional controllers, this revolutionary gadget may offer a range of innovative interaction methods like hand gestures, gaze detection, and Siri's voice commands. There could be an Apple Watch-inspired crown to switch between augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) modes.
Now, let's address the elephant in the room—the price. Speculations point to a figure of around $3,000. Yes, it's pricier compared to the likes of the Meta Quest Pro and other high-end headsets out there. However, only time will reveal if this headset will rise above its competitors in terms of power, performance, and overall mind-bending capabilities.

2) 15in MacBook Air

Until now, if you wanted an Apple laptop larger than 14in, your only option was to go for the higher-end MacBook Pro. However, the winds of change are whispering something different. Rumour has it that Apple might just unveil a 15in MacBook Air at WWDC 2023. If this comes to fruition, it could open up a world of possibilities for those seeking a larger screen on their portable Macs without having to break the bank.

According to speculations, this potential MacBook Air will likely be powered by the same ‌M2‌ chips that Apple introduced last year. The display size is expected to be around 15.5in, offering a more expansive visual experience. However, don't expect any major design overhauls beyond the larger display—Apple seems to be focusing on enhancing the screen real estate while maintaining the beloved MacBook Air aesthetics. If these rumours hold true, it won't be long before more individuals can enjoy the luxury of a portable Mac with a larger screen.

3) Refreshed Mac Pro

Apple has successfully transitioned its entire lineup of Mac computers to its own Apple silicon, except the one notable exception—the Mac Pro. The company's flagship and top-of-the-line workstation is yet to receive the Apple silicon treatment. The last update to the Mac Pro was announced at WWDC in 2019. Although there have been occasional hints and confirmations that Apple is indeed working on a new Mac Pro powered by its powerful Apple Silicon chips, the company has largely remained tight-lipped about this highly anticipated release. As the excitement builds for WWDC, many are hoping that Apple will finally unveil the new Mac Pro during the keynote that kicks off the event. Mac Pro enthusiasts may want to tune in with bated breath but we suggest you better approach the situation with tempered expectations.

4) iOS 17 and iPadOS 17

With the latest OS update Apple aims to sprinkle some magic onto your Lock Screen experience! The iPhone could take on a new role as a "smart-home display", it will showcase your calendar appointments, weather updates, notifications, and even HomeKit data, treating you to an interface akin to the Echo Show or Google Nest Hub. Apple may have more surprises up its sleeve, including the ability to share custom Lock Screens and immersive Live Activity options for apps like Maps. The iPad might also join the Lock Screen customization party, finally catching up with its iPhone counterpart.

There's more to iOS 17 than just the Lock Screen bonanza! Rumour has it that the Control Center is in for a revamp, offering a new look and enhanced functionality. The iPhone 14 Pro's Dynamic Island could receive an expansion, Maps might receive a new lock screen interface, and the Music and Wallet apps could undergo some streamlining for a smoother experience. And let's not forget about the iPad! iPadOS 17 might inherit the lock screen customization goodies from iOS 16, and there's even talk of a tablet-native Health app making its debut. Accessibility takes the spotlight as well, with Apple previewing a range of iOS features aimed at making the iPhone more user-friendly for people with disabilities. WWDC could also be the stage where Apple finally spills the beans on the next-gen CarPlay interface, teased during the previous conference. Oh, and here's a juicy tidbit—an intriguing update on the horizon could potentially enable side loading. Rumor has it that iOS 17 and iPadOS 17 might allow you to install apps outside the App Store, just like on Android. Imagine the possibilities—directly downloading apps from the web or through third-party stores, opening up a world of web browsers with their own engines, breaking free from Apple's existing rules.

5) Watch OS 10

Rumour mills suggest that WatchOS 10 is set to undergo a transformation centered around widgets, reminiscent of the beloved Glances from the original operating system. It's like the blend of nostalgia and innovation, with a sprinkle of the Siri watch face thrown in for good measure. While apps are likely to stick around, they might take a backseat as the spotlight shines on providing quick glimpses of important information. Apple might make the redesigned interface optional initially, allowing you to ease into the fresh look and feel at your own pace.