​​Asus’ ProArt PA602 Chassis is designed to streamline your PC building experience

Smooth sailing all the way!

Asus has introduced the ProArt PA602 chassis, the first of its ProArt line to come with cooling straight out of the box. It is designed to simplify your PC-building journey and has a bunch of features to make your life easier, like auto dust detection, an integrated PWM control on the front panel, and a power lock latch. Plus, you grt easy access to USB ports for enhanced convenience.

Asus says the front panel is designed to let in tons of air, there's a pre-installed 140 mm rear fan, two 200 mm front fans, and support for a 420 mm radiator. Inside the ProArt PA602 chassis, there are dual air deflectors guiding the cooling air. A specially designed panel alongside the motherboard tray helps direct airflow over the top edge of the motherboard, reducing turbulence and ensuring cooling for the CPU and power circuitry, as per the brand. The PSU shroud is built with an angled front edge, channelling airflow directly towards the graphics card.

The interior of the chassis offers options for installing multiple drives. You can fit up to eight 2.5-inch SSDs. Additionally, there are four drive bays compatible with 3.5-inch HDDs. To make connecting the front panel I/O to the motherboard easier, Asus has streamlined this process by combining key functions into a single unified header.

The ProArt PA602 chassis also minimises the need for tools. Both side panels release with the press of just one key. The PA602 also marks the debut of the ASUS-patented and exclusive mechanism for installing PCIe add-in cards, including graphics cards, without the need for a screwdriver.

The tempered glass side panel of the chassis offers a clear view inside, but it's subtly tinted to minimise distractions. When building your PC, you can pair the ProArt PA602 with other ProArt components like ASUS ProArt motherboards, the ProArt LC 420 AIO liquid cooler, and ProArt graphics cards for a unified and seamless appearance.