All new PlayStation 5 with an attachable Blu-ray drive is here!

Disc the season to be jolly

PlayStation 5 first major hardware update is here and it’s as everyone suspected, an attachable  Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc Drive on the PlayStation 5 is what we’re getting now. The PlayStation 5 (disc version) will have four separate cover panels with the top portion in a glossy finish and the bottom will be matte like before. If you buy the PS5 Digital Edition, you can add the Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc Drive later for $79.99 (₹6,656 approx, official Indian pricing not available at the time of writing). Additionally, both these new models will have 1TB SSD as standard for storage capacity. The models will be available in the US first and then will slowly roll out to other regions. Once the inventory for the currently available PS5 is over, these new models will become standard. Sweet!

The price of the PS5 with Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive is $499.99 (USD) and $449.99 (USD) for the PS5 Digital Edition. PlayStation has reworked the stand as well and a new horizontal stand will be included with the new PS5 model but you can also buy a new vertical stand that will be compatible with all PS5 models (older as well, yes). This new Vertical Stand is sold separately for $29.99.

Everything else remains the same internally. It’s just gone to the gym and lost around 30% volume than before and shed 18% and 24% weight compared to the previous models. Indian price and availability is not announced yet but we’ll update this piece when it drops.