Amazon to begin selling cars online, starting with hyundai

Car shopping is going to be as simple as ordering snacks online?

Heads up, car shoppers! Amazon made a game-changing move at the 2023 Los Angeles Auto Show by announcing they're diving into the car-selling biz. And, they're starting off with Hyundai. Right now, it's US-only, but (we say) be hopeful because there's a good chance the move will soon hit other parts of the globe, including our neck of the woods.

In the upcoming year, folks in the US can go to Amazon's website and check out a bunch of Hyundai cars tailored for their location. The platform will offer a range of filters, letting you narrow down your hunt based on model, trim and colour. Once you've made your pick, you can do the whole deal right there on Amazon—from picking how you want to pay to sussing out financing plans. Or you'll also get the freedom to decide whether you want the car you buy delivered right to your doorstep or if you prefer swinging by the dealership to pick it up yourself. 

Like we told you before, Hyundai's taking the wheel here, being the first car brand to offer this start-to-finish buying experience within Amazon's US store. Looking ahead, by 2025, Amazon and Hyundai are also planning to bring a hands-free Alexa experience right into Hyundai cars.