Apple WWDC2024: You can nod your head to cut or pick up a call with the AirPods Pro

The Indian head bobble intensifies

Fresh new updates to AirPods Pro are going to make it a lot easier for you to answer calls simply by moving your head. Whenever there’s a call, you can instruct Siri with a simple head nod or shake to pick up or cut a call. No more awkward whispering to Siri in public – just a subtle nod for "yes" and a quick head shake for "no."

And the improvements don't stop there. Calling on the go? AirPods Pro now features Voice Isolation, which uses fancy machine learning to block out background noise (like that annoying wind) so your voice comes through crystal clear.

There’s also low-latency audio chops now. This update slashes audio delay for AirPods Pro, making your mobile gaming sessions smoother than ever. Plus, Personalized Spatial Audio is coming to AirPods (3rd gen), Pro, and Max, taking your in-game immersion to a whole new level.

The AirPods developer beta is out now for Apple developers, and the rest of us can expect these features to roll out as a free firmware update this winter. Siri Interactions and the voice quality improvements are exclusive to the AirPods Pro (2nd generation), but everyone with AirPods is getting a slice of the audio latency upgrade pie.