Atomberg SL1 is a smart lock for your smart home set-up

Security meets convenience at your doorstep

Traditional keys seem to become relics of the past very soon, remember we told you about the Lavna smart locks for drawers, almirahs and cabinets. Well, now we bring you info about Atomberg SL 1. Atomberg’s very first smart lock. The SL 1 is designed to offer a key-less experience to modern homeowners. Good part — no more fumbling for keys in the rain, or worrying about losing them, after all convenience is key, right?

The Atomberg SL 1 smart lock comes with a variety of unlocking options. You can take your pick and choose between fingerprint, PIN, access card, the Atomberg Home App, or if you’re too old school to upgrade just stick to physical keys. You can also use the Atomberg Home App as a one-stop hub for controlling other Atomberg products like smart fans and smart locks.

The smart lock boasts five stainless steel bolts, Snoop Protection, and a Manual Deadbolt. When it comes to safeguarding your data, Atomberg ensures end-to-end encryption. Plus, it adds a touch of style with color options in Rose Gold and Black, all for a price of ₹14999.