Baybot Basics is an affordable lineup of pet products

Keep your little princesses happy!

Between fancy pet food and Dyson’s pet groomers, pet care has grown to be a rather expensive affair. Thankfully Baybot has decided to launch a line of affordable products under the sub-brand ‘Baybot Basics’. So now you can go all out on getting your little royals all the fanciness they deserve without breaking the bank! First in the lineup of Basics products is the PetFountain, a super-affordable 24x7 thirst quencher for pets.  

The Baybot Basics PetFountain is a straightforward five-part device that includes a clear 1.8-litre water tub, a conduit, a cover, an active carbon charcoal filter, and a submersible pump that is powered by a common 5V smartphone charger or power bank. The process is quick and effective, perfect for impatient pets. Simply put together the gadget, add enough water to the tub for drinking, and connect the USB wire to the power source. The PetFountain immediately starts to churn, seeping water from the centre/conduit into the spout and back into the tub. A multi-layer filtration process removes any remaining chlorine and other potentially dangerous substances to ensure that your pets always receive clean water from the conduit. 

This water that is flowing continuously prevents stagnation and maintains a higher oxygenation level for your pet to enjoy. The PetFountain is entirely constructed from food-safe, BPA-free polypropylene, and it is simple to assemble and clean. With sophisticated and improved submersible anti-dry burn pumps, the PetFountain is made to be extremely silent.

BayBot Basics will also be releasing a motion sensor as an optional add-on attachment that can be combined with the PetFountain so the product can work only when the pet needs it, saving power and extending pump life. As your pet gets close to the pump and approaches it, the sensor will turn on the pump. When it moves away, the sensor will turn off the pump. The Baybot Basics PetFountain will be priced at just ₹1,999 and comes with a 12-month warranty period.