CES 2023: BMW i Vision Dee is a concept car that changes colour is seconds

A new chameleon for the streets

The future is now, however whimsical it may be. We have already seen a colour-changing fridge today but now it’s time for something bigger. The BMW Group has revealed the i Vision Dee at CES 2023. What is it you ask? It is a ‘futuristic’ mid-size sedan with advanced colour-change technology. The tech has been seen previously with the unveiling of the iX, changing it from black to white. Now, with the i Vision Dee, the exterior can now curate up to 32 colours. 

That’s just a start. The i Vision Dee gets BMW’s mixed reality slider, alongside the advanced head-up display (HUD) that uses the shy-tech sensors on the instrument panel. This enables the drivers to decide for themselves how much digital content they want to be laid out in front of them on the HUD. The options include analogue, driving-related information, contents of the communications system, augmented-reality projection and even access to virtual worlds. The windows are dimmable as well, allowing you to feel as celebrity-ish as you like.

Each of the 240 E Ink segments on the body surface of the BMW i Vision Dee is independently controllable. This allows for an almost infinite variety of patterns and designs to be generated and varied within seconds. The adaptation of this technology is developed by BMW Group’s in-house engineers allowing for the most unique car customization to date. And it all happens in mere seconds!