CES 2024: LG Styler cloud be your ultimate clothing TLC

Revamp your wardrobe game

LG's bringing in its newest LG Styler to CES 2024! This one's got a high-pressure steamer, the Dynamic Moving Hanger, and Dual TrueSteam tech. It's all about quicker, better clothes-refreshing cycles, making drying, dehumidifying, and de-wrinkling much easier than before!

A first for the LG Styler lineup, the latest one introduces a handheld, high-pressure steamer. So, no more juggling with the iron for getting rid of wrinkles—just hang the piece of cloth inside, grab the built-in steamer, hit the button, and let the powerful steam work its magic. LG says it makes clothes smooth and crease-free, cutting down the ironing load. 

With the upgraded Dynamic Moving Hanger system, the LG Styler offers personalised care for different fabrics. Unlike its predecessor, this system goes beyond basic side-to-side movement for dust removal. It adds a gentle yet powerful twist and rotation, improving dust removal, deodorising, drying, and wrinkle reduction, as per LG. This enhancement elevates the Styler's cycles, like the Fine Dust cycle, which vigorously shakes off large and fine dust particles with up to 350 rotations per minute.

The Styler also introduces the Dual TrueSteam tech, it has two heaters instead of one to produce steam. This setup, as per LG, enables better regulation of steam volume and intensity, offering precise control over the spray. Additionally, Dual TrueSteam powers the Styler's Sanitary cycle, a specialised mode that eradicates over 99.99 percent of germs and 11 types of harmful bacteria, ensuring hygienically clean clothes. Stay tuned to find out the price of the LG Styler!