Computex 2023: Intel's 14th-gen PC Chip Meteor Lake will accelerate AI tasks and enable your device to play a bigger part in running the AI tools locally

AI takes centre stage!

It wouldn't be technically wrong to say that everything revolves around AI these days. So, it's only natural for the upcoming Intel processor to embrace AI in a big way. Enter the highly anticipated 14th generation Intel processor, codenamed Meteor Lake, which promises a plethora of AI-enabled capabilities.

As per Intel, the processors boast a snazzy "chiplet" system-on-chip (SoC) design which sees Meteor Lake CPUs sporting built-in Intel Arc Graphics SoC, integrated AI engine, and next-gen power management, all rolled into one.

Intel says their goal is to revolutionise the PC experience by harnessing the mighty power of AI. However, what truly sets these new processors apart is their commitment to power efficiency. And there is a Neural VPU (Vision processing unit) that will offer enhanced processing support for numerous AI-based applications that heavily depend on CPU/GPU compute power. Moreover, the VPU will integrate with generative AI experiences, enabling local execution of AI image tools with enhanced power efficiency. Imagine AI image tools running locally!

Except the information on the AI features coming to 14th-Gen Meteor Lake CPUs,

there hasn't been any official announcement from Intel just yet. So you might just have to deal with speculations. For more official information stay tuned with us.