Dyson WashG1 is the brand’s first dedicated mop!

Mop up the messes, already

Dyson's latest dirt-fighting gadget for your home is a mechanical mop, or as they call it, the wet floor cleaner. It's also the brand’s first-ever dedicated mopping machine. With a one-litre clean water tank and the ability to clean up to 290 square metres, it separates the wet and dry waste right from the source.

The Dyson WashG1 features two powered rollers that soak up water from a pump, and have an absorbent microfiber surface. With 64,800 filaments per square centimetre, it picks up dry waste while cleaning up spills all in one go. The rollers are strategically placed on the front and back, allowing the WashG1 to tackle large areas of hard floors. The cleaner offers various hydration modes and sensitivity settings to cater to different flooring types. From dirt and debris to hair and spilt drinks, the WashG1 promises to effectively clean it all, leaving your floors sparkling clean, as per Dyson.

The Dyson WashG1 also features a 0.8-liter dirty water tank and a self-cleaning mode. Dyson says its clever design avoids hard or sharp edges, ensuring dirt doesn't stand a chance of building up inside. While the WashG1 isn't available in India yet, it's set to make its debut soon. Keep an eye out on Dyson's website for updates!