Electrolux's new refrigerator line-up is designed to make food last longer

Why just keep it cool when you can also keep it fresh?

The world of refrigeration seems to have gotten a whole lot cooler with the launch of Electrolux’s new UltimateTaste range of refrigerators. The range comprises four variations: top freezer refrigerators, bottom freezer refrigerators, french door refrigerators and a side by side refrigerator, so you may choose as you like.

The UltimateTaste refrigerators focuses on making your food last longer by preserving taste, texture and nutritional value of the eatables. All the variants have Electrolux’s proprietary technologies like Auto Humidity Management with TasteLockAuto for prolonged preservation of vegetables, TasteSeal for keeping fish and meat fresh without freezing, FlexStor that provides flexible storage options, and NutriFresh inverter compressor which maintains consistent temperatures to save energy while keeping food and drinks fresh.

Furthermore, a couple of premium range refrigerators also feature TasteGuard to ensure freshness of the fridge and TwinTech cooling to maintain optimal temperature and humidity level, well as per the brand. The range is available in all Electrolux retail outlets and Amazon at a starting price of ₹45,490.