Go play Counter-Strike 2 now!

We’re going aaaaaaaaa

As big as Counter-Strike is, this quiet launch has come as a surprise but it’s not stopping a million of us jumping on this free-to-play game. With new physics, reworked lighting and dynamic smokes, Counter-Strike 2 has carefully tweaked the look and feel of the game over CS:GO.

You can now jump in and directly start playing with your friends along with your skins and other cosmetic items still where you left them. These will be carried over to the new Counter-Strike 2 game. Watch out for the new smoke grenade though, it’s not as thick as the Delhi smog in winters. You can shoot through it to create air pockets and even blast it away with grenades. Lighting has also been improved and everything and every place on the map looks more lively and lathered in sunlight. CS:GO maps were notoriously bleak and gloomy. 

You can download the game right now and try it for yourself.