Goat Simulator 3 is now available on Android and iOS

To supercharged headbutts to outlandish accessories!

If you ever tried Goat Simulator and love embodying a mischievous goat causing havoc in an open-world setting, this piece of news will (def) bring you joy! The Goat Simulator 3 is now available on iOS and Android platforms.

The mobile rendition of Goat Simulator 3 holds up well against its PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC counterparts, featuring identical features, including the cherished co-op multiplayer mode. This mobile game offers an assortment of goat avatars, a medley of quests, mini-games, and playful physics that challenge traditional gaming mechanics.

Despite its title, Goat Simulator 3 is the second instalment in the series, making its debut eight years after the original release. Initially born as a lighthearted demo during the 2014 Global Game Jam, Goat Simulator's alpha version unexpectedly captured hearts with its glitchy gameplay and offbeat concept. Embracing its flaws, Coffee Stain Studios transformed it into a complete game, preserving its quirky bugs as a unique and endearing characteristic. The game is priced for $13 (approximately ₹1000).