Google messages to get new features including voice message transcripts and full-emoji reactions

Really new though?

Seems like Google is on a feature adding spree to popularise it's not-so-popular Android message app. After promoting new icon update, RCS support and introducing YouTube Picture-in-Picture and emoji reactions features, Google is now set to add a few more including voice message transcripts, full-emoji reactions and upgraded gallery view.

Starting with voice message transcripts, as the name suggests Google messages will transcribe voice memos. There will be two options to either automatically transcribe the audio messages as they come in or do it manually for individual messages by hitting the ‘Transcribe’ button. The brand ensures that Google Messages seems to get transcripts mostly right, including automatically punctuation based on pauses and tone of voice.

The second feature is full-emoji reaction and we all know about it because it is already present in Whatsapp and other popular messaging apps. At present, users can only react with a limited seven emojis but now the brand is prepping to include all the emojis in the system.

Lastly, Google Messages may also get a revamped photo gallery view. At present, users get a horizontally scrolling grid of the images and screenshots but in the new design you will be able to scroll vertically through your photos for optimum utilisation of screen space and comfortable experience. And, the old ‘Gallery’ button is also replaced with ‘Folders’, its function however remains the same.