Google Search brings AI updates

Another AI makeover

Google’s announcements at Google I/O 2023 may have seemed endless but they brought some great new changes to our daily user experience. Among these, are the fancy upgrades to its Search, and boy, are they turning heads! They brought out the big guns, starting with a flashy feature called Search Generative Experience (SGE) powered by AI. This thing is like a personal search assistant on steroids. It can simplify complex searches, gives you unique, personalised information and can even enhance your shopping experience with more up-to-date product info. 

They've also introduced the Perspectives feature, giving you a glimpse into the minds of others. They've gathered long-form videos, images, and posts from all over the internet to show you different viewpoints. It's like stepping into a virtual debate club where you can get advice on most matters (your own personal think tank). Move over, self-help books!

Google is also revamping their helpful content ranking system too, to dig up those hidden gems from personal and expert sources. This will help you find valuable information from people who really know their stuff. Who needs a boring old search engine?

So, get ready to experience the future of Search. Google is mixing AI wizardry with the human touch, all in the name of making your search journey a little more exciting and a lot more fun. Okay, maybe not fun, but definitely more interesting.