Lenovo LOQ gaming laptops come with optional Intel ARC GPUs

Talk about performance and keep things chill!

Lenovo’s new LOQ gaming laptop series just dropped and besides the Wi-Fi passwords for names, the Lenovo LOQ 15IRX9, Lenovo LOQ 15IAX9I, and Lenovo LOQ 15IAX9 have the latest Intel Arc GPUs inside. The entire range gets the latest Intel Core 14th Gen HX series processors. You can amp it to the 14th Gen Intel Core i7 13650HX CPU and pair it with Nvidia 20, 30, and 40 series laptop GPUs. There's even an all-Intel option with Arc A530M graphics. For display, you can choose between a 144Hz FHD panel or a 165Hz WQHD/1440p. Both of them support 100% sRGB colour coverage.

Lenovo has also employed a new hyperchamber thermal technology and the Lenovo AI Engine+, which are expected to keep things cool and fine-tune performance by optimising power and cooling.

In Extreme Mode, the laptop draws out an extra 15W of power, all while keeping things frosty with temperatures up to 2°C cooler on your skin. The fan noise is also down by up to 2dB compared to the last generation, according to Lenovo. 

The series comes with extra goodies – an optional 4-zone RGB keyboard, Nahimic by SteelSeries 3D audio, up to 16GB RAM and a 1TB SSD. The Lenovo LOQ kicks off at a starting price of ₹59,990.