LG brings the party to you with the XBoom series and Tone Fit TF7

Rock out or workout… the choice is yours

Being a party animal is never easy. Neither is being an athlete. While for some these activities may be worlds apart, if you are looking to up your game in either aspect, you may be interested in LG’s new lineup. The LG XBoom series and the LG Tone Fit TF7. The sound machines are designed to make your ears tingle with joy and your wallets feel a bit of relief for a change.

So, the LG Tone Fit TF7 are earbuds for those of you who like to break a sweat while jamming out to your favourite tunes. They pack on a patent-pending hook design that fits so snugly, you'll forget they're even there. They're dust, sweat and rain-resistant so you don’t need to interrupt your workout because of a little drizzle.

The Tone Fit TF7 comes with Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) technology, so you can tune out the world and focus on your sick playlist. In a post-pandemic era, hygiene is at the forefront. The earbuds' cradle has UVnano technology that sanitizes those precious ear gel surfaces. Say goodbye to ear gunk and hello to a clean audio experience.

Now let's talk about the LG XBoom series. We've got the RNC9, RNC7, and RNC5 models, each packing a punch of bass that will make your neighbours question their life choices. With all the connectivity options you could ever dream of, including USB ports, Bluetooth, and FM radio, these babies will keep the party going all night long, even if you pass out before midnight.

Oh, did we mention the DJ features? Scratch Table, DJ Loop, and even a DJ App (iOS/Android) - these speakers are ready to turn you into the next DJ Khaled (another one!). As for all you karaoke enthusiasts out there, the RNC9 has got you covered with vocal effects, key changers, and even a vocal sound control (to keep your friend’s ears from bleeding).

Now, I know you're itching to know the price. Drumroll, please! The LG XBoom RNC9, RNC7, and RNC5 models will hit the shelves starting in August, with prices starting at ₹22,000, while you can snag a pair of the Tone Fir TF7s for just ₹12,500.