Logitech MX Mechanical Mini exclusively caters to MAC users


For the first time ever Logitech has launched a mechanical keyboard - the MX Mini - for Mac users. The 75 percent keyboard comes with Apple-like aesthetics, brighter colors similar to that of the original Mac keyboards and Mac key lay-out.  

This wireless maci-fied version is best suited for a cable-free setup and designed for macOS. Even though the keycaps have windows and Mac functions on it, as per the brand, it officially only supports MacOS, iOS and iPadOS, so you can try to pair it with other devices but don’t get disappointed if it starts acting out. The MX Mechanical Mini supports Bluetooth LE pairing and can support up to three devices.

Looks-wise its Mini first of all and very portable, the layout includes Mac legends so the bottom row looks cleaner in comparison to the original MX Mechanical mini. There are a couple of other differences too, like the MX Mini for Mac doesn’t sport a USB-A dongle but still features a USB C-type port. The wireless keyboard can be yours for a price of ₹15,995.