MWC 2024: Motorola’s bendable concept phone can wrap around wrist

The future of mobile might be a little bendy!

Motorola got a new phone at MWC 2024, and it's not just flexing its specs - it's literally bending, morphing from a phone into a wrist-worn accessory. Think of it as a phone that does double duty as a smartwatch, ready to bend (and contort to fit your wrist). While its still a concept, its a glimpse into a future where our phones might become even more adaptable and multi-talented.

Unlike your average foldable phone, this one can wrap around your wrist like a 6.9-inch smartwatch. It can also morph into a tent for gaming sessions or prop itself up with a simple bend – no origami skills required. Plus, the Smart UI keeps up with its acrobatics, ensuring you're always in control of your apps and functions.

But is this shape shifting phone all flash and no function? The jury's still out on that as well as on how comfy it is to wear a phone on your wrist for extended periods. The orange fabric backing and magnetic clasp aim to keep it from becoming a wrist-tossing disaster, but questions linger about its practicality as a long-term fashion statement. Still, its a bold leap into the future of mobile, and who knows, maybe someday donning a phone on your wrist will be as normal as, well, checking your phone.