Netflix cracks down on password sharing in India!

You WILL pay the price!

Attention all Netflix lovers! The rumours that Netflix is tightening up its password-sharing rules have been circling the streets for quite some time now. There is a storm brewing in the streaming world and it’s soon to hit India. Netflix has decided to put its foot down on the mischievous act of account and password sharing. So much for “love is sharing a Netflix password!” As of today, July 20th, it is finally time to end the free rides on your friend's cousin's girlfriend’s ex-roommate’s account!

This move means that Netflix has officially announced that it will no longer tolerate sharing accounts among multiple households. It has already clamped down on sharing in the US and other countries earlier this year which as you guessed was not met with happy users. However, the subscriptions did go up soon after, so one can deduce it is a good business move. 

According to the update, Netflix plans to send emails to users who are sharing the same account beyond a single household. The emails will emphasize that a single account should only be used within one household. Those users who are not part of the primary member's household will be requested to move their profile to a new account and subscription.

In India, Netflix has been quite lenient, allowing users to share a single account across multiple households and with multiple users. This setup has been beneficial for groups like friends or relatives who can split the subscription fee. However, with the introduction of these new restrictions, the process will become more complex for such users initially, and it may lead to simpler solutions in the future.

So how do they know if you are sharing accounts? Netflix has put on its detective hat to enforce these newfound rules. These over-the-top measures include verifications, codes, and perhaps a few secret handshakes. Accessing an account from outside the primary household? It's gonna be a mission! If a new device linked to the primary account is detected in a different location, Netflix will require a temporary 4-digit verification code, which must be entered within 15 minutes to gain access. Once verified, the device will be granted access for seven consecutive days in that location.

According to Netflix, users who travel with their main device won't face any issues accessing the streaming service in other locations. However, to ensure access, users should connect to Wi-Fi from their primary location at least once every 31 days.

Worried about how this might impact your viewing experience? Fear not! Each Netflix plan specifies the number of devices that can access the service simultaneously, as long as they belong to members of the same household. And rest assured, Netflix keeps things in check by tracking IP addresses, device IDs, and account activity to verify devices within a household.

Netflix is urging users in India to switch to new paid memberships while also introducing paid sharing in various regions but it's uncertain if this option will be available to Indian users. 

Subscription plans in India start at ₹149 per month for the Mobile plan and go up to ₹649 per month for the Premium plan, allowing multiple user profiles with restrictions on simultaneous device usage.

So, whether you like it or not, you (or your parents) are going to have to pay to keep the content coming to your household!