Nothing Ear (2) vs Nothing Ear (1): What’s the difference?

Spot the difference? More like spot the resemblance

A series of anticipations, assumptions and rumours about the second-gen Nothing Ear (2) has come to an end as the device is finally launched in India and we told you all about it. Now, it's time to know how the freshly launched device is different from its predecessor the Nothing Ear (1).

Like all Nothing products, the Nothing Ear (2) too has a semi-transparent look. At the first glance they look exactly like the Ear (1) but in reality the case of Ear (2) is smaller and lighter than the Ear (1), even though the difference is not much. The new device is touted as a more powerful, more ambitious, and significantly pricier product than their predecessor.

The Ear 2 and Ear 1 have similar earpiece sizes, but the Ear 2 has force-touch controls on the stem that can be customised through an app. Squeeze gestures are confirmed with a soft click sound. The Ear 2 is dust and water resistant (IP54), while the case is even more protected (IP55).

Other enhancements comprise customised and dynamic active noise reduction, low-latency mode, and the capacity to produce a unique sound profile. The active noise cancellation feature now offers three different levels of intensity, in addition to an adaptive mode that adjusts the noise reduction based on surrounding conditions.The Nothing Ear 2 also gets Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity with support for the SBC, AAC, and LHDC 5 Bluetooth codecs. There is also dual-device connectivity that lets you connect the device with two source devices at the sametimes.