OnePlus AI Music Studio is an avant-garde tool that enables you to compose music

Let the music-making begin!

OnePlus is turning up the music scene with its freshest innovation – the OnePlus AI Music Studio. The platform empowers you to create your own tunes by crafting lyrics and merging them with AI-generated beats so you can witness your music come to life.

OnePlus says the Studio boasts a “stunning interface” and offers a plethora of genres like rap, hip-hop, and EDM. You also get to set the mood, you can pick one from — happy, energetic, romantic, or sad, whatever vibe you're after. After selecting the genre and mood, you can tailor your music videos by choosing from a variety of themes, including cyberpunk, nature, study and work, and travel, or even opt for a random or "AI Music Video" option.

The OnePlus AI Music Studio also lets you share your love for music with the world. You can share your compositions across social media platforms and even invite people to download. Furthermore, users can also vote on tracks, potentially getting them featured by OnePlus for that well-deserved spotlight.