OnePlus drops hints on their new foldable phone

Making the competition fold?

When it comes to foldable tech, the OnePlus team has certainly taken their sweet time in its development, yet they claim the experience will be pretty sweet too. OnePlus's legacy in fast and smooth experiences and Oppo's prowess in foldable design and camera technologies will show in the design of this product as they have merged to bring out this virtual booklet.

The hinge is one of the crucial components of any foldable (surprise of the century), and the OnePlus foldable has 31 fewer components and will be 37% smaller than its counterpart, Oppo Find N2, says OnePlus. Over 35 patents have gone into the hinge to make it lighter and enhance its strength. This smaller and lighter hinge will give the phone more space on the inside to add more sweet shtuff for the users.

The OnePlus foldable phone promises a big screen, a lightweight design, a potent camera system, and a fast and seamless user experience. This comes with the thought of the phone not just having a big screen but being compact and convenient to hold. The integration of the iconic Alert Slider ensures a touch of familiarity for OnePlus enthusiasts.

Collaborating with Google for improved app adaptation on the expansive display shows a commitment to enhancing the user experience. OnePlus is joining the tech race of foldable devices quite late but let’s see if they come out of the cage swinging or not. We will bring you more details as they unfold.