Panasonic MX740 4K telly starts from ₹72,990 and has Google TV chops

High on tellies, Panasonic?

Panasonic has added some sizzle to their already-existing range of Goggle TVs with a brand new MX740 telly. Just like others in this range, this one too is a Google TV with 4K resolution. It comes in three screen sizes 43in, 55in and 75in and you won't even need to sell a kidney to afford one because the television comes for a starting price of ₹72,990. So, maybe it's your time to upgrade that old clunker!

Let's take a look at the specs. So the Panasonic Google TV with 4K HDR comes with a 4K Colour Engine which features high-resolution upscaling for HD content plus the Accuview Display brings good viewing angles.

It comes equipped with Dolby Atmos and built-in home theatre speakers for 75in and 55in variants, and Audio Booster+ for 43in one. Plus, the Bluetooth Audio Link function lets you go wireless with your sound system. Additionally, you can also employ Google Assistant for all your voice-command needs.

Panasonic also ensures that the low latency technology is incorporated into the Game Mode so gamers can experience minimal delay and a more responsive gameplay experience. All in all, Panasonic's new range seems to have some impressive features but only time will tell if they live up to the hype.