Philips Signature Series Airfryer launched for ₹39,995

Food and tech mixed well!

Philips has launched its latest Signature Series Airfryer, featuring Smart Sensing Technology that, as per the brand, automatically adjusts the cooking process based on the type of food. This eliminates the need for manual adjustments and ensures perfect cooking results for a variety of dishes.

The Airfryer also incorporates Rapid Air Technology, which, according to Philips, cooks food seven times faster than traditional methods. Additionally, the Fat Removal Tech ensures healthier meals by capturing excess fat.

Philips highlights the versatility of its device as a key feature, capable of preparing a range of dishes from a whole chicken to 1.4 kg of fries, catering well to family meals. The Airfryer also comes with preset Smart Chef Programs, developed by chefs to streamline cooking. You can purchase the Philips Airfryer Signature Series for ₹39,995.