PlayStation Pulse Explore wireless earbuds and Pulse Elite wireless headset feature lossless, low latency audio, launch on December 6

To crank up the immersion

Sony has shared the release dates for two wireless audio devices designed to work with its PlayStation Portal handheld. The Pulse Explore earbuds, priced for $200 (around ₹16,500), will become available in numerous regions, including the US, UK, France, Germany starting from December 6. Meanwhile, the Pulse Elite headset, priced for $150 (around ₹12,400), is set to hit most markets beginning February 21, as per Sony's announcement. Although India isn't part of the initial launch, Sony has assured that these devices will reach global availability in the months following the initial release. Pre-orders for both products and additional PlayStation Link USB adapters will open on November 9.

The Pulse Explore earbuds are crafted with an in-ear design and are equipped with integrated microphones. These earbuds, as per Sony, feature planar magnetic drivers, perfect for delivering immersive 3D audio in PlayStation 5 games that support it. The earbuds are also said to feature low latency mode and lossless PlayStation link technology. Plus, they're not about to let background noise spoil the fun – they've got AI-enhanced noise rejection that can identify and cancel out those pesky distractions.

The Elite wireless headset rocks an over-the-ear design and packs a fully retractable boom mic. Just like the Explorer earbuds, the headset supports 3D audio, low latency mode, PlayStation link technology, and AI-enhanced noise cancellation. It even comes with a handy charging hanger that you can mount on your desk or wall.