Porsche Design has combined a soundbar with an actual 911 exhaust

Spending can be exhausting

Are you even a gearhead? If listening to the roar of a petrol engine doesn’t give you goosebumps (or a tingly feeling)? Well, Porsche knows their audience well and has combined its actual 911 exhaust pipes with a different kind of roar, to create a limited-edition soundbar.

This 300-watt 2.1.2 soundbar sports an actual exhaust system from a Porsche 992 GT3. The 911 Soundbar 2.0 Pro comes with support for Dolby Atmos, AirPlay 2, Google Chromecast and Bluetooth 5.0 onboard for streaming. For connectivity, it packs on 4K-compatible HDMI ports enabling you to connect your Xbox, fire up Forza Horizon 5, and get behind the wheel of a 992 GT3, to find out what that exhaust would sound like if it was still attached to a car.

The production has been capped at 500 units though, presumably because that’s how many 911s could be robbed of parts before the owners noticed. That said, it’s no light matter, the device weighs a hefty 65kgs, so you can either plonk it on the included base or find yourself an ultra-sturdy wall to mount it on.

The Porsche Design 911 Soundbar 2.0 Pro is now available for pre-order at a heart-stopping £9100 (₹8.6 lakh approx.). So if you are keen on it, you can make a small dent in your Porsche savings fund and at least get yourself some quality sound!