Portronics Luxcell Mini 20K is a 20,000mAh PD fast charging Power bank

Juice up (your devices)

Portronics has launched a new range of Luxcell Series Power banks that come with a compact form factor and have a varied range of options for you to choose from.

The star of the lineup is the Luxcell Mini 20K. Priced for ₹1,799, this 20,000mAh PD fast charging Power bank stands out as the most compact among its counterparts. Despite its size, the Mini comes packed with fast charging capabilities and dual ports—a Mach USB-A (22.5W) and a Type-C PD 3.0 (20W) Port. Its sleek chassis features a see-through panel and an LED battery indicator. You can charge it using the included Type-C cable that comes with the Power bank.

Another standout from the lineup is the Luxcell Wireless 10K. Priced for ₹1,399, this 10,000mAh Power bank caters to those seeking a wireless charging solution. It's equipped with 15W Magsafe wireless charging for Qi-enabled devices like the iPhone 12 (and later models), Samsung S series and Google Pixel series. With two ports—a Mach USB and a Type-C port—it can juice up to three devices simultaneously at a maximum output of 22.5W.

The Luxcell Wireless 10K boasts a transparent casing and an LED indicator. Safety-wise, it's BIS-certified, ensuring built-in protection against short circuits, voltage, and current surges, safeguarding connected devices. The device ships with a Type-C cable and can be fully charged through its own Type-C Port.