Razer Kishi Ultra comes with RGB and haptic feedback

Kitted out with all the bells and whistles

There is a new update to Razer’s Kishi line of controllers — the new Kishi Ultra. The new controller features a wrap-around design and USB-C connectivity. The Kishi Ultra connects to your Android phone, and it also offers compatibility with your computer or iPhone and iPad. Its special USB-C "island" input is designed to accommodate various phones, even when they are in protective cases, with Razer claiming compatibility with all first-party iPhone cases.

The controller's haptics are also a highlight, featuring a coil inside each handle to provide multi-directional haptic feedback. Razer has mentioned that developers can utilise its Interhaptics SDK to create custom haptic feedback for their games.

Also, for those who love a bit of colour in their gaming sessions, the Kishi Ultra includes Chroma RGB lights underneath the joysticks. Compared to other wrap-around controllers, the Kishi Ultra is larger, resembling the heft of a first-party console controller. It also features hand-grip handles that extend from the bottom of each half. The Razer Nexus app enhances your gaming experience by launching games and providing access to Apple Arcade, Xbox Game Pass, and the Google Play Store on both iOS and Android devices.

The Kishi Ultra comes with all the standard buttons you'd expect, including "console-sized" triggers that utilise Hall-effect sensors for analog input. The two clickable thumbsticks are coated in DuPont TPSiV thermoplastic. Additionally, it features customisable L4 and R4 buttons through a free app. The 8-way directional pad and ABXY buttons are expected to maintain good tactility with a clicky feel. The Razer Kishi Ultra will cost you $150 (approx ₹12,517).