Seagate Ultra Touch HDD is an eco-friendly storage drive that comes with up to 5TB capacity

Mother Earth approves!

Let's introduce you to Seagate's latest data hoarder – the Seagate Ultra Touch HDD. Not only does this device offer ample storage capacity (up to 5TB). Made from 30% post-consumer recycled materials by weight, it comes packed in 100% eco-friendly material. 

The Ultra Touch HDD is also an ultimate social butterfly. It comes with USB-C connectivity and is compatible with Windows PCs, Macs and Chromebooks so you can store media and documents (or just junk) universally regardless of the operating system, after all, it's all about unity even in the digital realm, wink wink!

And, as a token of Seagate’s affection, the Ultra Touch HDD treats you to a 6-Month Mylio Photos subscription and a 6-Month Dropbox Backup Plan. There is also a three-year limited warranty and Rescue Data Recovery Service because sometimes life throws data-loss curveballs.

The Ultra Touch HDD dons a stylish ensemble in two colour options: cloud white and pebble grey. All this splendour can be yours for a starting price of ₹7499.