Snapchat introduces a dual camera feature

After all there are two sides to every Story

It’s hard to be unique on the internet, especially if you are a social media platform incorporating the success of another platform. Well, Snapchat joins the bandwagon, among talks of Instagram trying to bring in Dual Camera features. You can surely bid adieu to BeReal if this new Snapchat feature is a success.

The feature introduced this week, will allow users to capture multiple perspectives at the same time so that you can truly capture the moment as it happens. This feature will be available as a new icon in the camera toolbar on the app. The feature comes with four layouts– vertical, horizontal, picture in picture, and cutout. So you can decide how you want to see the world, be it on a date, at a concert or simply living your best chef life.

As you’d expect, you can use Snapchat’s endless creative tools from stickers to lenses to music. Snapchat has definitely beat Instagram to the race this time with the feature already available globally on iOS. That said, Android users might have to sit tight for just a couple of months to be able to create these kinds of images. Until then… your face alone is just going to have to do!