Sony Bravia X82L television comes with X1 4K HDR picture processor and Google TV

A TV genie that can fulfil your endless entertainment wishes!

What would you do if you're lounging on your couch, surrounded by snacks and ready to dive into a binge-watching extravaganza but your trusty old telly just doesn't cut it anymore? It's time for an upgrade and we have just the thing to tickle your fancy, the new Sony Bravia X82L television.

The TV packs a punch with its X1 4K HDR picture processor and Object-based HDR remastering technology. It means that every single object on the screen is individually analysed and remastered for clarity and contrast. Forget about the old days of adjusting contrast along a black-to-white curve.

Then there is the Dolby Atmos sound system. With sound coming from above and all around you, get a multi-dimensional audio experience. The X-balanced speaker and Acoustic Multi-Audio technology take it even further, with sound positioning tweeters at the back of the television, ensuring that the sound follows the action.

And let's not forget the power of Google TV at your fingertips. With over 10,000 apps and games, a whopping 700,000+ movies and TV series, and compatibility with Apple AirPlay 2 and HomeKit, your entertainment options are virtually limitless. Searching for your favourite content is also quite easy, thanks to the voice command feature. Just say, "Hey Google, find action movies," and let the TV do the rest. Plus, you can personalise your recommendations and create a watchlist on your phone and transition to the big screen.

The X82L television comes with Bravia Core, giving you access to the largest collection of IMAX enhanced movies and Dolby Atmos content so get ready to indulge in high-quality Pure Stream 80mbps streaming. The TV comes in sizes 55in, 65in and 75in at a starting cost of ₹91,990.