Sony’s ILME-FR7 camera combines a full-frame image sensor with PTZ movement

Get, set, shoot!

Latest addition to Sony’s Cinema line and the world’s first full-frame interchangeable-lens camera with PTZ functionality: the ILME-FR7 is out now. It's an E-mount interchangeable lens camera.

It comes with up to 100 preset camera positions, real-time eye AF and real-time tracking feature. Plus, it also has Sony’s built-in electronically controlled variable ND filter and multi-camera production synchronization along with Internal XAVC recording and external RAW output. 

Another interesting feature about the new Sony ILME-FR7 is the remote control feature. So you can basically mount the device anywhere you want and control the movement remotely. And, you can also set up the FR7 from a tablet or a PC via the newly developed Web App that allows easy access via QR code or URL input.

The ILME-FR7 camera will be available in India from January 31, 2023 onwards.