Stuff India April issue is out now!

Suit up, it's tech time

Our most exciting cover to date, partly because there’s a beautiful Audi on it and partly because the bits are done through AI. Yup, we have made a magazine cover using AI but the Audi is very real even if you find the contents from our Audi Ice Drive Experience to be ‘unreal’. Also, according to an old saying: a good set of headphones is worth its weight in gold. After all, it makes a difference between hearing music that sounds like a choir of angels or a chorus of screeching cats. Therefore, in the April 2023 issue of Stuff India, we also got you the best of the best headphones in all categories.

So like we said before, get dressed à la mode and hit the nearest newsstand because the physical copies are out now. Or if you are too lazy to put your feet on the floor, there is also an option for online subscription, for the laziest of the lot we also have a digital edition courtesy of our friends at Magzter. Choose any just make sure not to miss the edition!