Stuff India March issue is here!

The innovations are (sure) set to reign over your future

The latest issue of Stuff India is sizzling with new drops from the planet's biggest smartphone showdown, the Mobile World Congress 2024. We're getting at phones that bend like Beckham's free kicks and screens that blow up, in a good way (of course)! Now, it’s all here, in print.

In a rather radical move away from our usual, we've also brought together four of the most luxurious EVs currently available in India. Our exclusive EV hi-fi test takes a deep dive into the world of branded audio systems in these top-tier cars, comparing and contrasting their features. And, the results should pique the interest of EV enthusiasts, car aficionados, and audio buffs alike. And for those with a wider tech interest, our Cover Story is a comprehensive roundup of all the gadgets you need to make your home smart and your life stylish.

Yes, we know, you know the drill! So let your inner tech enthusiast run wild to the nearest newsstand. But if you are the one with that lazy gene doing rounds in your body, remember you can always snag an online subscription, no sweat. For those itching to dive into the digital edition, our buddies at Magzter are there just for you. So, keep those pages turning, and let's keep the magazines shining in all their glossy glory!