Truecaller marks the return of the call-recording era

Someone is always listening!

For those of you with crippling anxiety who refuse to answer the phone unless you know who’s on the other end, this might be of interest to you. Truecaller, the caller identification app, has decided to bring back a beloved feature that had previously disappeared. 

Call recording is making a triumphant return to the Truecaller app, and this time it's even available on both iPhones and Android smartphones. That said, hold your horses, my friend, because there's a catch. This fancy call recording feature is only accessible to the privileged few who have a Truecaller Premium subscription. You know, like getting front-row seats at a concert while the rest of us are stuck in the nosebleed section.

Now, let's talk about how Truecaller managed to outsmart the mighty Apple. You see, Apple has some strict rules about call recording on its iOS, so Truecaller had to get a bit crafty. They have created a workaround that involves dialling a recording line and merging it with an incoming call. 

On the other hand, Android users who have made Truecaller their go-to dialer app have it even easier. They can simply press a button to record calls.

To ensure everyone's in the loop, Truecaller will play a little beep during call recording. It's like a friendly reminder to the other person on the call that their words are being captured for posterity. It's the modern equivalent of those "This call may be recorded for quality assurance" messages.

So, my friends, if you want to join the elite club of call-recording connoisseurs, you'll need to fork over some dough for that Truecaller Premium subscription. Because in the world of Truecaller, recording calls is a privilege reserved for the chosen ones. Happy recording, you lucky ducks!