Ultraviolette F77 Space Edition is a tribute to Chandrayaan-3

Riding on Starlight: F77 Space Edition

A few months after the launch of the F77,  Ultraviolette has pulled back the curtains on the latest 'Space Edition' priced at ₹5.60 lakhs. This special edition pays a heartfelt tribute to Chandrayaan-3 and India's stellar odyssey into the vast reaches of space.

This exclusive edition receives a customised paint scheme, adorned with numerous distinctive details, and is limited to a production run of only 10 units. The white paint, as per the company, plays a role in enhancing efficiency by minimising aerodynamic drag. The Space Edition is further distinguished by its badging, each individual bike is marked with a specific number on the charging port flap, denoting its unique unit identity.

There are some extra accessories like tank grips and the aerodynamic wheel cover on the bike too. The key for the F77 Space Edition is carved from a single piece of Aerospace Grade Aluminium. The F77 Space Edition also uses custom-machined aerospace-grade Aluminium 7075. It is a high-strength alloy known for its impressive strength-to-weight ratio and tensile strength, outclassing other metals.

The bike shares the same 10.3kWh battery pack and an IDC-claimed range of 307km, which matches the top-tier Recon variant of the F77. However, the motor's peak performance numbers vary. The F77 Space Edition churns out 30.2kW (40.5hp) and 100Nm of torque, these figures mirror those of the Limited Edition F77, previously priced at Rs 5.50 lakh.