UltroProlink’s Uni-Mount can solve all your phone placement problems

Mount wherever you like!

Gallivanting around the world and exploring beautiful places fascinates many of us but at the same time, long journeys to the destinations are exhaustive and boring. Unfortunately, we can’t avoid the latter if we fancy the former. The only way is to make travelling less boring. How to do that, you ask? Well, like most of us do, watch content, movies, series, documentaries and whatnot but isn’t it difficult to hold the device for hours or place it in dirty places just so that it could be at the level of your face? The answer is UltraProlink’s Uni-Mount.

A multi-purpose universal phone mount designed especially for when you are travelling, you can put it on the food tray, on the stroller or just clamp it anywhere. But that certainly doesn’t mean you can’t use it at home or on your office desk. The Uni-Mount is very compact when in a folded position so it can easily be carried around. It offers multiple viewing angles and can fit almost all smartphones. You can get the Uni-mount at a price of ₹899.