Xbox introduces strike system

8 strikes and yer out

Hold onto your controllers, because Xbox has just dialled up the drama with its Enforcement Strike System. Now if you are a well-behaved little gamer you need not worry however, for the ones that are a bit more vocal about their losses, you should choose your words carefully. Xbox is encouraging players to report suspicious activity which the Xbox safety team will review. The strike system works as such, 2 strikes and you will be suspended for a day, 4 strikes and call that a week, Testing Microsoft with 8 strikes and you will be suspended from Xbox’s social features like messaging, parties and party chat, multiplayer and others for one year from the enforcement date.

Now coming to how you can prevent this from happening to you. Just like a relationship, Xbox presents the Banhammer upon cheating. Trash-talking is permitted but don't go overboard on the hate. Don't commit fraud when it comes to services provided by Xbox. Respect others' privacy and make jokes with your friends but not in public lobbies where it can be considered harassment. Overall just have fun and don't pickpocket the fun from others till the point where they report you. Lastly, Xbox will let each player have a view of their enforcement history including strikes and the overall impact these have on their player record. This will let you see the errors of your choices for you to dwell upon.