You can fly the Dune movie’s Ornithopter in Microsoft Flight Simulator

There’s also an exclusive Xbox floating controller

The release of Dune: Part Two is being celebrated in a grand way by Microsoft and Xbox! Along with the floating Xbox controller and Xbox Series S combination, Xbox is introducing a special edition hardware edition that will (probably) make gamers weak in the knees! Xbox is also releasing a free Dune Expansion for Microsoft Flight Simulator which will elevate your virtual flying experience to new heights, quite literally.

Xbox have conjured up a console holder inspired by the Ornithopter, that captures all the vibrant colours of Arrakis' sun, planets, and sand, making the custom Xbox Series S a true collector's item for fans! Xbox has also designed what is said to be the world's first floating Xbox controller. 

Fans will have the chance to win this set of custom hardware by following Xbox on X (formerly Twitter) and retweeting the official Xbox sweepstakes tweet during the entry period. The giveaway runs exclusively from February 13, 2024, through March 25, 2024.

Meanwhile, in the latest Dune Expansion for Microsoft Flight Simulator, you'll take flight in the iconic Royal Atreides Ornithopter, soaring above the vast deserts and canyons of Arrakis. The expansion features three tutorial missions and six exciting activities, including time trials and a daring rescue mission to save your flight instructor from a massive sandstorm. The Dune Expansion update is now available for download, and it's absolutely free!