You can now try out eSignature in Google Docs and Drive as part of the open beta

Making the signature hustle hassle-free!

Google is giving eSignatures a test run right within Google Docs so you can put your John Hancock on contracts and letters right there in the app. They first talked about it back in June last year and now it's in beta mode for regular peeps like us with individual Workspace accounts.

You can now simply drag and drop your signature onto any document. Right now, Docs lets you throw in your signature, name, and date using its eSignature mojo. With this new feature in place, when someone shares a Google Docs file with you through Gmail, you will be able to sign it right there in Gmail. No need to pop open the document in Google Docs separately.

You can also request a signature when you're sending files via Gmail too. Right now, you can only ask for one eSignature per document. Just so you know, this option shows up in Gmail whenever you attach a Google Doc to your email. Google is also hooking you up with a progress tracker so you can keep tabs on signatures that are in the works and the ones that are all set. If both parties give the thumbs up, you can whip up copies of signed contracts with just one click.